Choose The Right Aircraft.  Fernando and the team at UNO Aviation will consult with you and your team to chose the right executive-class aircraft for your needs. We will consider trip distances, trip frequency, cargo needs, runway issues, and passenger comfort to select the right aircraft. These days, most purchases of jet and turboprop aircraft are done with the help of a buyer's agent. Frankly, without an agent, it's simply too easy to pay too much for the wrong plane. Chances are your commission fee to UNO Aviation will be returned many times over by the savings in fixed costs and operating costs. You have one chance to choose the right aircraft – let us help!

The Details.  Once you've decided on a particular class of aircraft, we'll help you find one to acquire. Magazines and even online sites often contain stale listings. A listed aircraft may have already been sold, withdrawn from the market, or even damaged. Often times, the best aircraft are available only in the so-called off-market. Fernando and his team will use their worldwide contacts at aviation brokers, management companies, maintenance companies, dealers, and lenders to find you a hidden gem. In the final step, our team will conduct an exhaustive pre-purchase inspection to verify the condition, maintenance records, and airworthiness of the aircraft.

Taxation and Compliance Considerations.  The successful acquisition of a jet or turboprop aircraft involves a thorough understanding of sales and use tax issues, regulatory compliance, insurance issues, and financing or leasing. The team at UNO Aviation is committed to helping you thoroughly understand each of the issues before you sign on the bottom line. Happy flying!